The Best Online Community

Probably the best online community I've come across, and a really nice social network. I've been viewing its posts over the last 6 months or so, and the quality of the content remains as good as when it first started, if not better.
Its pretty much 9gag for devs - unlike users from SO and Reddit, the people here are light hearted, post meaningful, hilarious rants from their adventures in programming.

Here are a few :D

A good laugh :D (Though, I would've preferred Sublime over Notepad++ :p)
A couple more funny posts -

Exception up = new Exception("Something went really wrong");
throw up; // hehehe

Boss : Nice job with that bug, when the erp feezes and magically starts working after a few seconds.

My code : try {
                     // something something
                 } catch(Exception e) {
                     sudo reboot;

My girlfriend got bitten by a mosquito and kept scratching it.
After I complained about the size of the bite, she said "c'mon, its just a bit, not big enough to be a byte".
When I finished facepalming (it took a while), I realized how proud I am of her.



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