Allo kthxbye?

Google Allo. Just a chat app?
Sorry, but lol. Yes, okay, its extremely pretty and looks so bubbly and cute. Plus it has those nice little cat stickers. I love all that.

But. It's much, much more than that.

Sundar Pichai was supremely confident with Google's ability to process language during his keynote in I/O '16. Allo is Google's playground, and humans their subjects. Allo is their path to testing and building a 100% literate machine that can communicate in perfect everyday-human-like language - and it becomes more like you the more you use it. Like IBM's Watson, Google will have a system that knows what to say under different circumstances, understand emotion, and interact differently with different people. It will be able to not only take part in everyday conversation with everyday humans like you and I, but even debate with top notch speakers, artfully reply to political leaders, logically argue with mathematicians, and so much more. And all this, in any language humanity knows.

Will there come a day when humans won't interact with other humans? For, they'll have computers that'll talk to them exactly the way they want them to. I'm not sure, but if yes, Allo is the stepping stone.


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