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Things I Could Do (ft. Homer)

While I sit and laze on the comfort of my three seater sofa, I think to myself, as all great men before me have, I should be making great use of this perfect Sunday afternoon. The sun is out, the birds have chirped all morning, I woke up on time, and I don't have any laundry to do today. Now you see, a day like that is a day that's special. I look around, I see my phone. The thought of doing something great passes by for a sec, as I unconsciously pick up my phone for a quick peek. I forget my plans to conquer the day in the moment, and as all jobless men before me have, I scroll through Instagram. Not that I really care for Kendall's yet another magazine cover, or my friend's dachshund being a little extra cute. Some of those Spongebob memes are really rewarding though. It's just that my brain needed slight off-tracking, to make sure I feel guilty and curse at myself for not making great use of this great day where the laundry is already don