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You say you want to use your phone?

If you have a brother, you know the satisfaction derived from constantly nagging, pinching, purposefully singing loudly when he's asked you to stay shut because he's working on something, saying why to everything on and on and on, asking silly questions, and asking them on repeat, obnoxiously staring at him, etc. etc. Well, now that he's in college and I live in Bangalore, I can't do all that. But I can make his phone unusable! Paaras: "Bro. I'm really busy. Don't annoy me okay?" Rish: "Of course not brother dear." Paaras: "What?" Rish: "Annoy you I will, and annoy you I shall. B|" Paaras: "Go away." ... Another 36 minutes later. I wrote a Python script that mimics touch commands over adb to your Android device. It called my brother every 10 seconds, making his phone unusable when he was connected to the Internet. Except of course, he blocked me after this. The script on Github.