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Concentrate on the yellow wall, mind.

TL;DR. Food for thought. Can a monk's true ability to control his mind be tested under the influence of recreational drugs? Our mind is an ever-wanderer. The minute you think, hold on, I'm just going to sit here and think about one thing, and one thing only, say the yellow wall in front of you, your mind just won't let you.  For the first minute or so, you think of just the yellow wall, you see, you start to immerse yourself into it. Except then, suddenly your mind remembers a tune from Coldplay's track and you start humming.  No. Brain. Shut up. We're concentrating here. Not the yellow song. Yellow wall, that's it. You go back to just the yellow wall, except this time you're sure nothing can distract you. You're trying to discard all triggers from sensory events that remind you of yellow. But then! The fridge starts it cooling cycle and it suddenly becomes louder than usual.  Yellow. Mind yellow wall. Fridge? Agh. Yellow. Oh wait! I have a m

The Font Maker

I'm jealous of this particular man. He's 40 something, and from the outside he seems to have has his life all sorted out. You'd think I'm talking about a man that founded a technology business at the age of 15, and is now a multi billionaire. Or a hotelier with scores of chains under his name, living life in luxurious suites each night. No, this man, he isn't doing rocket science. He isn't an extraordinary mathematician. He hasn't pursued the pleasures most of us are taught to look upto as children. He's a font maker. He makes brilliant fonts and gives them kickass names. He's a marathon running hobbyist. And his real job ; he's a kindergarten teacher guiding kids aged 3-6. - Why can't we all be content with a life like this?

Always Online

One thing I've learnt about social media and instant messaging is that you are only as important to people as the time you spend on it, putting in effort to show people your presence. The less you text, the less people are going to bother texting you. If you text at night, you are bound to receive replies in the morning, and that's the cycle of always having new chats on your chat list. You text now, and you will receive replies later, keeping you hooked all the time. I recently reduced my whatsapp usage by moving the app to a secondary phone that I don't carry around with me all the time. Especially at work, I carry a phone that only has the bare minimum utilities installed, and nothing more. During the initial week when I started this, I'd leave my phone at home at around 9 in the morning, and by the time I reached home from work, I'd have received about 20 messages from different people/groups. It was mighty difficult to reply to everyone. I then actively infor