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Django for Productivity. Flask for ...?

Django vs Flask. I decided I'd code up an oversimplified blogposting platform to see what works better for an application of medium scale and say 10K hits a day. I Googled a whole lot, and though there are nice diagrams people have made, you never really know until you try both. This has been on my to-do list for a good 18 months and I finally have an answer. Flask for scalability , they said. Will you really need that scale they never asked. Flask for flexibility , they said. Are you mature enough for designing your own structure they never asked. Django for productivity , I say.  Django unless you want to make all-code-on-one-page simple AWS Lambda like API. Django for almost all medium-large scale webapps you'll ever need. Django all the way. Truth be told, Flask is easy to learn. Literally, all you do is put an annotation above a function and you have a HTTP endpoint. The " overhead/heavyweight " Django gives you everything you'll