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On Why it's so Hard to Find Love & Forrest Gump

You're on your usual 6:30pm run. The wind's blowing strong on your face, it's freezing, but you've dressed appropriately. You remember this podcast on scientific reasoning as to why people have "aha!" moments when they're out in the wild, or running, or taking cold showers.  A runner passes by.  You keep running, with nothing much going on in your head, other than the fact that you're not really having much of an "aha!" moment.  Another runner passes by.  You're about 2.5km in, and you've crossed 4 runners running on the opposite side, but you haven't yet seen anyone running in your direction. That's funny, you think to yourself. Another runner passes, and now it's bothering you. Why are there always so many people running in the opposite direction, but only old and slow people running in yours.  It takes you a minute, but you figure it out, and then it seems obvious. It has to do with the relatively equal average speeds o

Meaning is a Photograph That You Have to Click Yourself

You move to a new city, and this is the first time you're walking around, taking in these streets you've never seen before. You walk by this cathedral-esque structure which feels a bit out of place from its surrounding environment, but you realize it's a school, seeing all the school buses and kids in uniforms. It's an old stone constructed building whose exterior shows it's lived through and seen generations of human life. It vaguely reminds you of a place you might have seen before, but you pay no heed to the thought, as you've just walked by a couple thousand buildings and another hundred streets through the day, and it might just be your minds way of making things feel more familiar. You continue listening to the song you were listening to, happily humming along because it is your favorite song. Your day goes on, and nothing special happens for the rest of it. Later that day your brother calls you and you have your usual conversation. He asks you how your d