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We're Always on an Exponential & Human Psychology

"We're on the tipping point of the technological evolution scale! The graph of technological advancements drawn against time is an exponential curve. And we're right at the point where the line skyrockets upwards. This is *the* inflection point!", I said to my brother right after we talked about how the Starlink satellites are being deployed.  I made a gesture with my finger indicating the point of the inflection, right when he dropped a deeply profound line just very casually and said  "that's the magic of an exponential curve; you're always at the inflection point where things are just about to skyrocket".  Initially, that made no sense to me. He is right (and I am fairly embarrassed to say it took me some Excel-ing to really prove it to myself) - and it is all about the scale you choose.  But on the other hand, I couldn't help but stop feeling that this is it. Look, we're at the point where everyone relies on supercomputers in their hands