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What will happen when jobs run out?

Food for thought. Can we ever run out of jobs? Automation kills jobs. Work that demanded humans in the 20th century will not employ us anymore, because we've found efficient and accurate alternatives using machines. Farmers became industrial workers, small time construction workers became infrastructure machine operators, and now we're all headed to become slaves of the computer, irrespective of which domain we're in. Machines can currently do most jobs humans used to do till the previous century. What will happen if artificial intelligence takes over our current jobs? Humans can then only be employed in creative and emotional domains, but I fear artificial intelligence may overpower humans there too. Say 2000 years from now when AI is very powerful and over the generations humanity has come to believe there is no scope for improvement, what will we do then? Could the world then become Utopia? Remember, no jobs means no hierarchy in society.  - Meh. The hypothet

A company I'd genuinely love to work for

I was going through my blog drafts list and found this. This is a post I wrote immediately after giving my second interview at Tonbo Imaging. It was a disaster, and I was far too discouraged to publish it. It has been three months since I wrote this, and am now interning here :) - I sat through one of the most embarrassing interviews I've ever faced - at a company I genuinely would love to intern at, and later hopefully work at. The company makes products. Keywords. Make . Product . They're not just another Indian service startup/company that barely goes beyond making apps and websites to claim they solve real world problems. These people really do solve a real world problem. They really do *make* things that solves problems. Having gone through A LOT of potential places I'd like to work at, these guys were the only one to employ people from fields like electronics, mechatronics, design and software. Software was just a small section. A true combination of hardware

Money, the Governor of this World

Highly unstructured flow of thoughts on money. Not sure if I'm going to be able to make my point by the end of this. The thought of how money controls this planet keeps surfacing my mind every now and then. The world needs a common mode of trade to function, and thus money was invented to bridge the gap of trade. The problem however is that our entire society functions solely on this one object . All our life decisions are based factoring money into account. From the cook that comes to our home, to the guy that runs the local store downstairs, to the professors that taught us (lol) at university, to the people I work with at office. The career we invest in, the school we attend, the place we live, the job we do.   Our life decisions are too heavily based on this one man made tool! Money was created as a tool for exchange; we've all heard about since Kindergarten. The secret is, let it be just that, and nothing more. Money is a level of abstraction above what value you can

Website Update!

Image I've finally updated my website! I now realize I never blogged about it, though it should have been the first thing I wrote about. I love it dearly. I've designed it in a way that makes it a very effective way for me to keep track of the major professional events in my life. I created it when I was in my junior year, when I started applying for internships for the summer. I figured instead of sending boring resumes all around, a simple link and a fancy cover letter would do the trick. I later realized most Indian companies aren't of the same opinion, and that they are accustommed to those dull resumes, but nevertheless the website helped me learn a lot. For starters, I got a deeper hold on Python Flask and deploying it to the web. I started the website with two basic intentions; one to keep a track of all the projects I've done, and second a place to store my favorite music, and analyze how they change over time. I ended up doing neit