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Mission Impossible VI : Home Hunt.

Mission Impossible VI : Home Hunt. Relatively difficult things in life : - Finding a place to work at. - Then finding a place to live in. Repeat those once every 3-5 years. There are just way too many factors that you have to take into consideration while finding a suitable place to live. If the rooms are nice, the hall is too small. If the house looks good from the inside, it's a mess on the outside. If the home is at a convenient location and the rooms are good enough , the rent is too high. These online websites that attempt to make the world a better place by helping you find a place to live in, like commonfloor, nestaway, nobrokers, yada yada just do not work out. None of them capture the essentials each one of us is looking for while home hunting, probably because such human intuition just cannot be captured. A place that radiates a homely vibe to me may not to you. What feels right  to me might just not to you. However, I've been trying to observe my thinking p