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The Art of Problem Solving & Interviewing

Relationships, kindergarten, school, university, and my job. All these institutions have tried teaching us one thing. We've all been there. Solving problems.  Whether it is resolving a conflict with your loved one, or your second-grade teacher, Ms. Carter, telling you to use your common sense, or a data structures question you're solving at university, or a real-life problem you're solving at your job. All you're doing in life is learning to solve problems. And the single thing each and every company in the world is doing is solving problems. And so, it only fits that the best tech companies in the world base their interviews on this skill. Now, they need something a test for problem-solving that is reliable, can scale to hundreds of thousands of applicants year on year,  easy to gauge the interviewee's ability to solve problems, and communicate while doing so. Data structures and algorithms make for a really good method of gauging problem-solvin