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I am a Googler!

This is a continuation from The Google Interview Day . Read this as another chapter in the story of my life. I really wanted to try writing in a story format, and I'm happy I gave it a shot!  - My heart was roaring. So loud I could hear it through my earphones as I walked into work. This was going to be THE BIGGEST week in my life, and I could not share it with anyone around me. Today was the day, my recruiter, Broza, had told me on Thursday when I last spoke to him. I walked into work, late again having overslept thinking that'll help time pass faster, anxious for what was about to unfold. I felt like Tom feasting on a whole chicken, only I was feeding on my nails. It was a fairly breezy winters day and though it should've snowed 10 feet deep based on last years snow galore, it was just crisply cold. Yes, crisp is how I'd call it because the city I was in felt much like a walk into a city that didn't know we had been through the industrial revolution. Funny, I th

A Mind Monologue: Walking to the Google Interview

This is part two in the series of my Google Interview. Part One: Conversations with My Father . I wanted to try out alternative writing formats / story telling formats, and I'm really happy with how these are coming along. This is a mind monologue - the kind we all have.  - Ah, I can't eat too much. My stomach still feels it. Yes, yes I know this is huge. But hey, I get to see a Google office for the first time in my life! Man that'll be quite something. Okay, what's the time? 8:50. Hmm, I've got 20 minutes to finish this breakfast before I start walking to the office. What's it going to be like? Okay Rish calm, calm down. Let's breathe in, breathe out for the next 10 minutes. *A few deep breaths later* , ah it's the first interview I'm giving in 3 years! Okay, I've practised really hard, I know it. I've given more mock interviews than the number of interviews all my interviewers combined have taken. Okay, what's the time now? 8:54! No, n

Conversations with My Father: The Google Interview Day

I read a few story books this month - non-stop really and their way of writing made me want to write a blog post in a story-book manner. I'd say, read this as a chapter in my book of life - one of the most important days in my recent past. There will be a couple follow up posts. - I was looking outside the window from my hotel room that Google had booked for my night before the interview. It was a sunny post-summer day in August, and it was warm enough to walk out in a t-shirt, but would get cold enough later on in the night to have to wear something on top.  A couple rings on the phone and my father answered with the regular pleasant "hallo puttar". We always greet each other with a hallo rather than a hello , probably something we picked up from living in Switzerland. "So today's the big day Pops! I didn't think I would be this nervous, but I do feel it", I said. I'm a confident person in most situations - well except when I have to talk on stage -