A Mind Monologue: Walking to the Google Interview

This is part two in the series of my Google Interview. Part One: Conversations with My Father. I wanted to try out alternative writing formats / story telling formats, and I'm really happy with how these are coming along. This is a mind monologue - the kind we all have. 


Ah, I can't eat too much. My stomach still feels it. Yes, yes I know this is huge.
But hey, I get to see a Google office for the first time in my life! Man that'll be quite something.
Okay, what's the time? 8:50. Hmm, I've got 20 minutes to finish this breakfast before I start walking to the office.
What's it going to be like? Okay Rish calm, calm down. Let's breathe in, breathe out for the next 10 minutes.

*A few deep breaths later*, ah it's the first interview I'm giving in 3 years! Okay, I've practised really hard, I know it. I've given more mock interviews than the number of interviews all my interviewers combined have taken.
Okay, what's the time now? 8:54!
No, now is not the time for another debate on time. Yes, everyone knows no one knows what time is. It only fits that it's relative. And we're all clueless.

Okay shut up Rish, calm, deep breaths. Look at the world outside, ah the tram going by, and all these cyclists going to work.
This, kids, is why one must meditate.
Hmm, she's wearing nice summery clothes. 
How does everyone have a dog here!?
*breathes deeply* this is nice. What a great day. Should I get going then?

The map. Google Maps, teehee.
Okay do I really need it? I know the office is right around the corner.
But what if you're a couple minutes late? You won't be.
What's this second person form of speech? I won't be.
But what if. Come on, just take your phone out and double check. 
Okay Rish, head up in the air, look around. You're in Munich! Who'd have known!
Alright, we go straight and then right. It's barely a 5 minute walk. Look around!
Wait what. 
*I smiled, and then gave a look of extreme surprise, mixed with satisfaction*.
Do I believe in signs?
Do I believe in signs?
I do. 
I mean, this is glaringly obvious. God why can't I stop smiling.
Look at that box!
Who in Munich is going to write those four letters in exactly that order, and put it in the way of my walk, 50 meters before I reach the Google office.
What were the chances of this!
What if I took another route?
This is a sign.
Could this be me from another dimension, another time, just letting me know it's all going to be awesome?
Okay photo, photo! I have to know this was real.
This is real.


To the reader:
I've walked by this electricity box for 8 months now. It really is 50 meters away from the Google office, and to this day I am surprised at how this happened. I could've chosen the other route which was equally close. I could've also had my head buried in my phone. 
Do I know it doesn't actually say Rish, but maybe Push, or Rush? 
In the moment when I first saw it walking to the interview however, I saw Rish. Not for a second did I think it read anything else. And it actually did make me very happy, and really boost my confidence. It almost felt like the universe telling me this was meant to be.

Do I still believe it says Rish? Yes.
If it read my name without the ambiguity, that'd be too large a loophole in the matrix.


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