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Work | So Far and Ahead

Junior Year Summers.  Summer Sixteen. I had such high hopes for these 3 months (starting May '16). My last true summer vacation before we graduate and become clothed monkeys in this big world. Some will end up here, there, some doing what they want, some not doing anything at all. I've been lucky to have done productive and meaningful work during my freshman and sophomore summers. I'm going to write about the work I've done so far (excluding personal projects), and the work I wish to be doing this summer. Freshman Summer. (May '14) I interned at a university startup that aimed at making books more accessible amongst students within the university. A stroke of luck, and I kick started my journey into Android dev. I learnt how to design, develop and publish Android based applications. I was given a choice on what platform I'd like to work on, and I chose Android thinking I'd be given a phone to test my applications on. I had a Windows phone then, and ab

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video worth a million?

Given a short 10 minute video by your favorite YouTube channel (or say your favorite director) or a 5 page article written by the best author (or again, your favorite author) on the same topic, which medium would you prefer? A blog is in my opinion, not read by as many people as a series of videos on the same topic.   People are inherently lazy . Unless you're an avid reader, you are most probable to watch the video rather than reading the same thing. Or maybe it's context dependent. I would rather prefer reading Oliver Twist than watching it. But I'd rather watch a video on my univ cryptography course than read a chapter from the prescribed book. Last year I spent over 4 hours on my train journey from college to home, writing about every project I've ever worked on. Do go through my  /portfolio section here . Chances are, if you opened the link above, you would have just skimmed through the titles, maybe read a couple that interested you. Analytics on the websi

The Bands with The Animal-Name-And-Occasionally-A-Spelling-Mistake

A friend suggested me to listen to the song Happy Together by The Turtles about a year ago. I've been crazy about the song since. No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.  I love the lyrics. Have a look at the video, the trumpet player has absolutely no role in the song, and yet he's all over the place fooling around with every band member. This was their thing. These funny hairdoed people (the singer's sideburns are worth noticing), dancing about, playing and feeling the music. The next song that YouTube suggests you to listen to is I'm a Believer by The Monkees.   The drummer is the singer. Not common anymore. They also have a tambourine player. Another uncommon instrument in today's music. One of the comments read " Wow that tambourine player is really feeling the music ". I couldn't stop laughing after I started observing him. He really is into it! :D  If you want to hear a more modern version of the song, do listen to the remake of