A company I'd genuinely love to work for

I was going through my blog drafts list and found this. This is a post I wrote immediately after giving my second interview at Tonbo Imaging. It was a disaster, and I was far too discouraged to publish it. It has been three months since I wrote this, and am now interning here :)


I sat through one of the most embarrassing interviews I've ever faced - at a company I genuinely would love to intern at, and later hopefully work at.
The company makes products. Keywords. Make. Product. They're not just another Indian service startup/company that barely goes beyond making apps and websites to claim they solve real world problems.

These people really do solve a real world problem. They really do *make* things that solves problems. Having gone through A LOT of potential places I'd like to work at, these guys were the only one to employ people from fields like electronics, mechatronics, design and software. Software was just a small section. A true combination of hardware and software, which is exactly the place I'd like to work at.

I was really lucky to have even received a call from them. The first interview went quite well, the interviewer and I had a good laugh and had quality discussion. He seemed to be quite happy with all the work that I've done, my website, and the self motivated projects I started.

The second interview, the one I just gave was an absolute disaster. He asked me things I've never heard of - no one from my university would've ever heard of, I'm certain.

I barely even remember the specific technical words he used, but here's a gist. It was really embarrassing finding different ways of saying "Sorry, I haven't heard of this", "sorry, haven't worked with this before", again, and again, and again.

Java containers.
.a and .so extensions. A lot about libraries.
Kernel level things about Linux.
If I had worked with OpenCV, OpenCl.
And finally a couple of things in Android that I knew (phew).


2 months into the internship, I now know a lot about the above mentioned things. This place is exactly what I imagined it to be! 4 floors, one for electronics, one for software+embedded, one for mechatronics, and one for admin and finances. It's a 60 member team- quite the comfortable size. They sell their products to various armies around the globe. I'm in the R&D product team, working on making a thermal video streamer.

Finding a genuinely interesting 6 month long internship was the most difficult task I've faced in my 7 semsters at university. I was sure I would not like to work at a large MNC where I'd be given minimal work. Nor did I want to work on building just another internet app. I wanted to be a part of a product team and take up ownership from the start - something a thousand-employees-something company cannot provide.

I was certain I wouldn't get selected, for my interview was genuinely a disaster. The interviewers saw potential, however asked me to join on a month long trial after which they'd decide if I was fit for the team.

I am a perfect fit!


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