Emails can definitely be better

I've found a place I'd quite like to work for. Superhuman.

They're a group of 10ish top class developers/creative minds - several Indian, based in San Francisco. They're working on a very simple, every day problem - emails. At first, I know the idea doesn't groundbreaking, and a whole lot of companies have worked on something of this sort. Plus ideas like these usually get eaten up by bigger companies with more resources. But these super creative people with contacts all over bay area, and infinite cash flow, immersing themselves into working on a long term project can make it groundbreaking.

Here's what they're doing. Simple words, changing the way email is today.

  • Making it beautiful. Emails clients are supposed to be clean and sleek. GMail is ugly, both on Android and the web. Material Design isn't always the ideal design pattern for all types of applications. iOS' design pattern for an email client is quite nice. 
  • Insights about the person you received an email from/are writing to, from social networks. Pretty much all you need to know about the person in a tab in your inbox. They created Rapportive 5 years ago, which was bought by LinkedIn - I'm not sure if it's in production right now, but the idea was neat and definitely useful.
  • Follow up reminders. Many a times I don't like to respond to my emails immediately, and think to myself, hmm, I'll write to him 6 hours later, or, I'll respond later next week when I hear from this other person. And if you get a lot of emails during that time, you usually forget. I create calendar events just to remind myself to reply to specific emails.
  • Scheduled messages. You don't get replies to your emails, because they aren't sent at the right time. If you send a corporate guy an email on Saturday, chances are they won't bother to reply on Monday. Also, sitting in the US sending someone an email on a national holiday in India heavily reduces your chances of getting a reply.
  • Unsend your emails. Change your email once they are sent. Meh. This I don't like. Emails are like letters. You shouldn't be able to change them once they are sent. But oh well.
  • GMail filters and categorizes pretty well, so that's no issue. Google tried to integrate a lot of this with Inbox, but to be honest, Inbox sucks and is unusable.

I wrote to them, and they were very nice to reply even when the answer wasn't in my favor - most don't. I'd really love to work Rahul Vohra and Vivek Sodera someday.

It's the people that matter to me most. Work is bound to be good.


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