Manjaro KDE No. Mint Yes.

tl;dr. Manjaro KDE - it's super cute, but maybe not for me.

My laptop has been a wretched mess for the past couple of weeks. The reason was silly - the OS disk partition that I initially gave 30GB to was out of space, and there was no way I could extend it, even though I had over 200GB free in my other partitions. It required an empty space right after the OS partition - no fragments. :/

So, after about 2 weeks of cribbing and waiting for a new laptop to magically appear at my door, I succumbed to it. I couraged to format my disk and re-install my OS.

I had been using Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon for about 2 years now, and thought it'd be nice to go for a change.

Manjaro KDE, based on ArchLinux. People on the internet seemed to love it. Plus it was Arch. It seemed perfect.

Except. Now that I have it, I dislike it. It's too Windows-y. It's just very cute. Everything looks so beautiful! I know, I know, I love good design, and all the nice little icons and settings windows for every small option. That's all really good. But all this unconsciously requires me to use my mouse a lot more.

Mint was just cleaner - no fancy popups and just very plain. Everyday daal-chaval. I honestly miss it :(

I'm going to reinstall Linux Mint, this time the all new Sarah. :D

Aaand, that's another day gone setting up all shortcuts and installing packages.

Update: I had no problem with it being Arch. In terms of use, I suppose I'd barely feel the difference, shifting from Debian based Mint. Yeah I could try xfce or gnome on Manjaro. But Mint :')


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