Android Dependencies and Version Numbers

If you've done any development, you probably know how quickly libraries upgrade versions. Keeping track of the version number to compile the library with is always difficult.
On Android, a lot of developers use dynamic dependencies using the '+' notation like so -

compile  ''

This is terrible! Dynamic dependencies may end up doing unexpected things to your app and you won't know why. You may be saving time and always have the latest version while compiling, but this laziness may cost you a lot of time when you don't understand why your code isn't working. Read more here (A really, really nicely formatted blog, ftr. Blog goals - make blog look this pretty.)

Alright. I used to go to Android's dev website to check versions every time I'd want to use a support library. They keep updating very frequently. The other place for all other open source libraries is either github repo or Maven central. So I thought it'd be handy to write a script to fetch version numbers of frequently used libraries, so all I'd have to do is copy from there and paste to Android Studio. Plus it'd be a nice weekend hack.


Orhanobut beat me to it! Versionist, by Orhanobut. Definitely going to use this every time I open Android Studio.


I was thinking, you know how most startups in their hiring process give you a challenge to solve in 3-7 days to test your skills and ability? Maybe this could be a fun side challenge - a good Android developer doesn't just know Java and Android - they use Python/scripting languages all the time to do quick automated tasks/cronjobs.


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