Email Subscriptions Can Be Useful | Playstore

tl;dr. Subscribe to updates over email on the play store.

LifeHacks has been doing really well on the play store recently. It gets about 2-10 written reviews each day, which are quite fun to read. Over the past couple of weeks, I developed a habit of opening the developer console every morning right after I woke up, to read and reply to the meaningful reviews.

So, I fiddled around with the console and found out you could subscribe to updates via email. Its great because for one, you get immediate push notifications.
The real benefit is the persistence of emails. The dev console doesn't show deleted reviews, but emails sent can't be unsent.;)
I had a good reply ready in my mind for this guy. The place I've hosted these images is blazingly fast and can take a whole lot of load. His Internet was probably messed up at the he tried the app, and immediately jumped to the play store to write this review. (Though I wonder how that didn't give him connectivity issues.) Anywho. He deleted the review before I could even reply :D

Always subscribe to email updates on the playstore. Has fun added benefits :D
I've tried out the dev console app. It's great, but I don't want to keep a minute to minute check on my app, so it really isn't for me.

I should really blog about LifeHacks soon. I've worked tremendously hard on it and its growing really well. :D


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