My Last Day at Tonbo Imaging | Just Another Day!

There's a thing about final good byes.
My favourite movie over romanticises it,
how the last time you say goodbye at an airport is the most important,
that you have to look back, and look at her, look at life as it was, one last time.
Why is it that we want to make them special?
That we go as far as judging the entire journey
based on the last segment that got us there.
That we devalue everything,
if the last memory of it wasn't the best one.

I don't quite know what I was expecting on my last day at Tonbo. I had done all the handover, written all the documents I had to, talked to all the people I needed to a month before my last day. And somewhere in my mind, I was expecting (?) for something extra special to happen on the last day. Now you have to know, this was my first job, and I was pretty attached to the people and the work I was doing. I had spent a good 3 years at the place.
And so I suppose I was wishing for the skies above the office to clear up, for Jupiter, the emperor of the skies himself to beam the sun rays to lead my way to a new, brighter future.

But, nope. It was just another day - I found some bugs, I struggled to get the hardware to work, I was on call with the team in another location, we went to lunch, we washed our hands, the skies were cloudy, the Uber to take me home was 8 minutes away, the cabbie didn't speak English, it was a freaking Prius, IT WAS JUST ANOTHER DAY!

Fun fact. I took this photo on the laaaast day, 3 hours before my flight to Munich.
Well, 3 years of being at a company that does hardware-software engineering has taught me that no matter how hard you try, some things will only and always happen on the last minute.


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