The Content of a Conversation almost meaningless.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're so engrossed and deep into a conversation that one topic leads to another, and suddenly you're diverging into multiple things, and both of you speak together, and so, you stop the person you're conversing with and say, "sorry, you were saying?".

At this point I realised, what I was going to say barely matters. We were having so much fun just talking, that the actual subject didn't really matter. We'd carry on and move to another interesting topic where we could spend another couple hours talking. This is a bold statement to make, but the content of the conversation is never relevant. All that the conversation is facilitating is assessing and matching wavelengths. What you are talking about doesn't matter, as long as you are talking and not just speaking - or even that, if at all.

Put yourself in various situations. Picture yourself meeting this Polish girl at work you immediately connect with. Next, you're sitting next to a 40 year old man from the states in a tram and all you have are 4 stops to go but you're listening to this fascinating story he has to tell you. Think of the time you call your parents and talk to them. Fast forward to a hostel you're in and there's a French guy in the bunk bed below yours, but you can't talk because neither speak a common language.

You meet all these different people, and all you have is a conversation to get to know the person you intend to be around. As long as both people talking are enjoying it, what you're talking about doesn't matter. Think of it like a compatibility test sort of thing where two types of animals are put in a room, having never been around each other, and judging if they're indifferent to each other, or immediately enjoy being around one another. And if those animals are humans, I suppose all that we have to make these judgments are our appearances and conversations. And I don't know if I should comment on whether appearances matter as much.


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