People are awesome | Ode to Joy

Imagine walking down the road on one of your many monotonous days, to find something so spectacular, something so joyful that just being there for 5 minutes makes you feel like every moment of your otherwise common day is now going to be like no other. :D
It is not uncommon to see single violinists/trumpet players on the road playing solo music in Europe, but to see a whole orchestra perform, wearing ordinary everyday clothes, with the biggest smiles on their faces, spreading smiles to everyone watching, is simply precious.

Beethoven's Ninth symphony. :')
There are several people that stand out in the video.
The girl on the lamp post at 3:33, it's such an ingrained human reaction to move your hands to the rhythm of the music.
The ordinary dressed Choirmaster at 4:06 who is anything but ordinary.
The (probably Italian) guy at 4:09. His priceless reaction is what the flashmob plays for. You can see the happiness on his face. :D

I really wish to be a part of several such instances of brilliance.
And this is why humanity is awesome.


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