15 Million Merits

Black Mirror. A British TV series based on futuristic worlds depicting the problems of today, especially ones to do with technology. Each episode has a different story line, with different actors in different worlds. The name is perfectly fitting - when a screen is off, it looks like a black mirror. Every episode is a morbid reality of our society, a dark reflection of what the screen, technology has done to us, how we see ourselves as a society.
Charlie Brooker, the creator of the series says this (couldn't help but smile at this) - The irony is, how we're all watching the series on our laptop, television, or mobile phone, and at the end of each episode when the screen cuts to black, we see our own reflection on that dark screen, the black mirror.

Forward to 4:31 seconds, if it doesn't on its own.

Each episode is a perfect allegory. I saw 15 million merits recently, and couldn't help but notice all the hidden metaphors to reality - frankly, they're hidden in a way that you will find them, you can't miss any of them.

Edit. I saw a couple of posts on Reddit that say he's looking out of window in the last scene. I disagree. The whole point of that episode was that even if you get to the top of the pyramid, are first in the rat race, all you're going to have is a bigger, wider screen.


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