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Omega2 by Onion. A super small WiFi enabled Linux server. It's a computer that costs $5. You can power it with LiPo batteries (:D), it has WiFi built in, and is made by a group of super enthusiastic people.
It's everything your electronic hardware design course taught you about Arduino and Raspi, except it's one third the size and one fifth the price.

For those interested :D

And it's my first contribution to an Indiegogo campaign. $5 :) 
Downside, it'll ship some time in December '16.

What am I planning to use this for? I'm probably going to do something with the Omega2 and this nanoquad. The WiFi on board of both the quad and the Omega2 makes things easier. :D (Okay, the quadcopter's website sucks. Don't judge it on that. Their nanoquads are just like the Crazyflie's, except 5 times cheaper. I'm going to write a blogpost on the Pluto quad as soon as it arrives!)


  1. The Onion Omega 2 is an amazing development platform for creating connected hardware applications. Can I use this remarkably small Linux server to develop a quadcopter? I like the fact that I can power it with LiPo batteries. This is so since choosing a drone battery can be a challenge. See more on drone batteries here:


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