Limited by Nature

TLDR; We've been told the sky is the limit to imagination ever since we were kids, but really, all we can think of is limited by what we feel, see or experience from nature.

What makes us human? Is it our ability to feel happy, pleasure, sorrow, those triggered chemicals in our body we call emotions? Or is it our consciousness, our ability to think? We put a great deal of stress on our ability to philosophize, our nature of questioning everything we've been given - the only species to question it's existence - to think of genius or tackle things from a new angle and work collectively towards the betterment of human society.

I'm convinced by my will to not just happily accept that all-we-see-is-all-life-is, that the space we live in, the way we perceive time, the taken-for-granted lifespan given to us - none of it is as simple as we see it, that it probably is a form of a simulation and we're limited by what we've been programmed into thinking. It's just that the permutation and combinations of relating and mixing concepts from different fields to create a novel idea is so high that we think there is an endless stream of things to think and create.

All I'm saying is you can't think of anything beyond what nature has given us. Take the craziest of inventions, each one of them have mirrored realities in nature. Take our political strategies and policies we make, the beautiful songs we write, the sports we play, the houses we build, the rules we've created for our society.

What if I told you to design a new world, with a different set of physics laws and to build a society with all its rules and ideologies around it. Can you? Can you think of a world, physics laws, and a society that is completely disjoint of everything we have here on Earth?
All you will be able to do is come up with the same idea but with a twist here or there. We learn by seeing. We think by seeing. We create by seeing. And until we're not given the slightest taste of something new; we can't think of something new.

It's this very limitation that limits our imagination. We cannot imagine anything without using elements and aspects of things we have already experienced.


I know this idea has been explored several times in movies like The Matrix, but I haven't seen any sci-fi in a very long time, and have had a strong urge to write this down.

To add further to the question above, even our most famous sci-fi novels with very creative story lines that have created worlds of their own kind have all borrowed concepts from our world here and merely twisted, reconstructed or misconstructed, or aggrandized some aspects. Take Dune for example, a sand-only planet with odd creatures animals, and a *special* spice that extends life and enables interstellar travel. Or Solaris that's an ocean-only planet where not only are the humans that are alive, but the ocean itself is alive too. The twist is, the ocean can read minds and create replicas. I could go on - but none of them really answer my question above.

The very question you're asking right now - what else could there possibly be anyway? - is what I'm addressing.


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