I have 100,000 installs!

Jan 2016
Me : So I spent the whole weekend working on this app - it was a whole lot of fun, though I barely slept. I found this amazing website with brilliant content and thought it'd be cool to make an app out of it.
Friend : Its great, but do you reckon anyone would use it?

Oct 2016
Me : Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people have used it, and about 60% use it regularly! :D
Friend : Whaaaat! How?

LifeHacks on Google Play.

Here are the numbers behind the scenes. A collation of statistics and insights you may find interesting.
Total Installs
(number of unique users the app has been installed by)
Interesting note:
The first 1,000 installs took 3 months (Mar'16);
The first 5,000 installs took 5 months (May'16);
The first 10,000 installs took 6.5 months (Jul'16);
and now I get around >3,000 installs a day.
Exponential growth!

Currently Active Installs
(i.e., number of users with the app still installed)
It's about 60% retention rate, which is really satisfactory. It has been near 60% throughout.
Active Installs by Android Version.
This is interesting; only 70% of users are above Lollipop, while around 20% are still using 4.4 KitKat!
>2K reviews, and 500 written reviews. That's means only about 3% of people reviewed the app - which I consider a good fraction. I have been very fortunate to have received such great reviews; and they're increasing day by day. There have been several days where >50 people have rated my app 4.8+!

Installs by country, by gender and by age. I suppose the distribution is similar for every application on the play store - though I find the gender fraction surprising. Are there fewer women using Android than men?

There will be several updates to the application in the coming months, and if growth continues at the same rate, hopefully early next year we'll see half a million installs :D

I'll post a short blog on how I made the app and all the little details that you may find interesting soon.


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