In the end, its just that one question

Out of the millions of things taught to us at our JEE coaching center, there is this one line our inorganic chemistry teacher said that's stuck on, till date. He was one funny chap, spoke in the most hilarious accent and had the spirit of a teenager. But what he said to us one day continues to prick me till date.

At the end of JEE, everyone's going to ask you just one question.
Tera hua kya? 

No one is going to care how many hours you spent per day, how hard you worked, or how many books you read, agar nahi hua. If you're gifted, you'd have probably spent less time than the hard workers who make up for it by putting in long hours.
At the very end, the only question that'll arise is, did you get through? And that is how human society is. No one really cares how you made it. The 'how' part only comes in if you're successful. Before that, your story is just another person's story.
Have a look at 21 pilots. Before their music became famous, you did not know Tyler's story. You did not know of his harsh childhood, or why he wears a mask around his face, or covers his neck with black paint. Now that he's made it, you start to bother about the 'how'. Suddenly that adds so much to his success.

Looking at my life currently, I'm one amongst the thousands of yet-to-be engineers studying in the Indian education system. And there's just one question that friends, family and teachers are going to ask me at the end of my undergraduate program.

Naukri lagi kya?

Be it my enrollment for post graduation, or a high paying job. All they'll ever ask is, did you make it? Not a single soul would bother to ask me what I did in the best 4 years of my life so far, no one cares of the sort of things I learnt, the people I met, the events I organized, the small successes, the friends I made. All this becomes important only if mera hua. Only if I make it into a top univ, or get paid more than I need.

Well. I'm not particularly happy about writing this post. Semi defeatist attitude. But I had to get it out of my system. Anyway, to lighten the mood, have a look at this GIF.

Best prank ever. :D


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