YouTube Puts Me Into This Bubble

Ever wondered why you haven't been able to find good music on YouTube of late?
Or how you're repeatedly suggested music you've already heard oh-so-many times on Youtube? I saw a feedback section on the website today. And this is what I sent them.

YouTube puts me into this bubble that classifies things I've discovered so far, and the things I haven't. Your recommendation system, I feel, is limiting me from exploring new things. Almost as if you don't want me to see new things unless I explicitly search for it; and only then does my bubble grow.

Let's take music for example. I have been listening to a lot of 21 pilots of late. And surprisingly out of the 15 odd recommended videos list on the right, apart from 1 or 2 fresh videos of a completely different genre (a different category altogether), Youtube repeatedly suggests me 4-5 of 21 pilots' songs that I've listened to several times already, and the rest are other songs that I discovered in the last 2 months or so, or very old songs that I started listening to again recently.

I'm sure the reason for this is not that you're unable to do it technically, but because there's a greater cause as to not let everyone be able to see everything.
Each user has their own bubble, and it only grows if they try to nudge it (ie, if you try to search for new things on your own)

I'm not sure about the reply I'd get through this feedback, maybe I may not get one, but I'd really really love to hear what you have to say on the same.

I hope they reply. I want to know why they don't want people to discover more videos/music of their taste.

Honestly, if it was upto me, I'd love to make Youtube a platform to connect me to people of similar interests in music and videos. Maybe even suggest me music based on someone else's viewing history that's similar to mine.
Technically, it shouldn't be tough at all. Not one bit. Surprisingly, there is no way you can view an entire history of videos you've seen till date. No API, no method.
If there was, I suppose someone would've already thought of making this platform. Fuck, it'd be a billion dollar business if they released a public API.


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