Relationship Alphabet

At dinner in New York, A told me how he waited many years for the right one. He always wanted children. Now he sacrifices his career to pick them up and drop them off to school everyday at age 50.

At lunch in the office, B told me how his wife decided to take a step back from her career and take on a part time job. Her mother was never there for her. She wanted to be there for her kids.

On our monthly catch-up, C tells me they’re pregnant. He was very happy. He later told me she’s 5 years older than him and that it was a real challenge to conceive. He’s ecstatic.

At his desk, D told me he broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years. He’s 32, but he’s moving to California to start a new life. He can always come back to Germany, he says.

On a video conference, E told me he’s quitting his job to move to Barcelona.
This was the first time in 2 years he mentioned he had a daughter. This was also the first time he said he’s a divorcee.

Right before our half marathon, F tells me they’re engaged. I’m the happiest in the world for them.
They’ve made sacrifices and built a relationship over years of long distance to make this work. They support each other’s marathon runs.

On the car ride home, G tells me he’s slept with a few dozen women. He says it’s no big deal for him, but he thinks he has now found the one. It’s been 6 months and he’s happy.

On my first day at work, H told me he’s jealous I get to experience living in the center of the city as a single guy. He would love to do it all over again. Last week he told me he’s having a baby.

Today on a stage in front of an audience, I find myself reading these words, this spectrum of lives, finding my place as my story unfolds.


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