I'm not an Android Dev Anymore

tl;dr: I merely use Android as a platform to write software, and that’s where the subtle difference lies.

Yes, I write code that runs on Android, but this doesn’t mean I’m an Android developer.

I’m glad this realization has struck. My first hand at writing useful code was during my freshman year simply so I could ask my father for an Android phone; I had a Windows Lumia then and it sucked.
I started out with simple games and to-do applications, and gradually wrote and contributed to over a dozen applications specifically developed to run on Android and to be published on the Android Playstore - this included making Android variants of websites using their REST APIs, creating replicas of already existing iOS apps. Developing Android-ized experiences of a larger set of software comprises of the work an Android developer does.

In the past year however, I’ve shifted to reading research papers and writing POC implementations, research models on Android, merely because I know the ins and outs of the system and can code up a really quick MVP on the platform. I have of late also started interacting with the lower layers written in C/C++, and interacting with the many hardware components and sensors that most Android devices ship with on Android. I am not however restricted to writing code on Android anymore, and so I bid the tag of Android developer adieu.


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