Caged in the City

Sneezing. Coughing.
Always tired.
Always checking the time.
Cursing. Shouting. Moving.
Tracking progress. Checking for updates.
Complaining. Questioning.
Always checking the time.
Planning. Postponing.
Forgetting. Remembering. Regretting.
Remembering. Noting. Never completing.
Checking for updates.
Discussing. Promising. Leaving.
Always checking the time.
Everything now. One button gratification.
Hacky way. Wrong way. Alas, quick way.
Calculating balances. Forever doubting.
Checking for updates.
Missing food. Delaying sleep.
Missing people. Never calling. Always too busy.
Promising you’ll improve.
Always a tomorrow.
Checking for updates.
Always checking the time.
Cursing the routine.


This isn’t everyone’s story of their work life in the city, but so far it has been mine. I do not feel I’ve lived a year worth of life in the last 12 months - this doesn’t mean I haven’t had my ups - I’ve partied hard, spent good days with friends and close ones, went on mini vacations, have played football regularly and spent many late evenings walking the city, but throughout these times I’ve always kept my mind occupied in quantifying progress, always planning but never really doing as much, pushing myself to do more, always thinking of work and keeping my mind too busy to be able to let anything new in.
I delay sleep to do what I planned, but end up planning more instead of really doing. I have an irregular food routine and don’t call the people I really miss, just because I think I’d be wasting time. I spend an awfully large part of my awake-time at office, I go to work on holidays and weekends too, but am not half as productive as I should be. I keep checking my phone for new emails and whatsapp messages, and then procrastinate in replying - even if half a sentence is all I have to say.

I’m going to change this; I need time off of work to do something completely different everyday, I need to set shorter, achievable goals and work towards finishing one goal at a time.


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