AR is the Future

The HoloLens arrived at our office this week, and I've spent about 5 minutes everyday, amusing myself at what the future is going to be like. The possibilities are truly endless - start by watching the video.

You know how a lot of companies exaggerate their product in their demo video, and it ends up being nothing as fancy as what you saw? The HoloLens is exactly what they've shown! The projections you see really do look like they're there! In a very simple demo application, you can choose from a set of holograms, resize them and place them anywhere you like. Honestly, anywhere you see space.
I placed a hip-hopper guy on my table, a miniature Nasa rocket on the entrance to our floor, and the Globe in the center of the room. And everything looks extremely real! You can move around the holograms, go as close as a centimeter to them, and they all look like a part of your world!

This is the future - but it's scary. To the people who aren't a part of the HoloLens bearers reality, he's a complete crack. He's smiling at blank spaces, talking to no one, punching and swiping thin air.

Are you ready to accept a future where each person will live in a world of their own?
Well, you don't really have a choice. The mobile phone and the Internet was the start of this new social life, but it's slowly going to lead to a weird form of 'individualism'. We're going to have friends that exist only in our head, talk to people that no one else can see.

Does that remind you of Fight Club, or Mr Robot?

Google DayDream is a VR. You can't live in a VR.
Microsoft HoloLens is an AR. I can't wait to see this a part of everyone's everyday life. 20 years from now?


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