The Thought Train


I woke up in a strange trance like state this morning. There are questions to which I finally had answers to - a simple theory, an explanation to a particular thought that I have been trying to articulate for the past several months. It was all so clear, every thought, every word that my mind spoke made perfect sense. Like magnets each thought clicked in perfect harmony, leading me from one sentence to the next.

I haven't had such a flash of clarity in months, though this lasted for probably under a minute. And just as my conscious brain kicked in, it all seemed to go away. I forgot the keywords of every sentence that led me from one to the next. Much like hearing the sound of an engine take off, seeing a train leaving the station as soon as you arrive at the platform, this train of thoughts fled just as I was about to make sense of it. I am still unable to work back how the dots connected, and am not certain how long it'd take me to be able to pen down what I've been struggling to articulate.

This reminds me a lot of Heisenberg's uncertainity principle. These thoughts are always there in my mind, wiring up, making connections in my brain - all subconciously. But as soon as I try to make sense of them, that I measure or vent consciously, they all dissolve.


What have I been thinking of? Stereotypes and judging. I've been trying to pen down why stereotyping isn't wrong, that we're all constantly judging objects and others all the time, and that it's a part of evolution - far from wrong. That each one of us belongs to a community and shouldn't despise the tag our appearance/traits by birth/past puts on us - we're all different, yet we're all the same. 


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