Signing PDFs is a looong process!

tldr; Signing pdfs is a looong process - it takes me 15 minutes every time I do so!

You open your email and see a pdf that needs to be signed and sent back. Until 2005 or so, when phones were not smart, and they didn't know the Internet existed, it'd be a huge hassle to digitally sign these pdfs. (Or so I've been told - I was just 10 around that time.) People then would first print, sign, scan and then finally send the signed pdf. I suppose that'd take around 30 minutes.

It takes me 10-15 minutes now and I'm not really glad about it. Here's what I do.
  1. I've kept a saved copy of my signature on my laptop saved as a .png (I'm certain that's not the smartest thing to do). I open that on GIMP.
  2. If the pdf requires the date to be written I do this -
    • take a blank piece of paper,
    • write the date,
    • take of picture of that,
    • send it to my computer via gmail (not very proud of using gmail for this.)
  3. Then, I download the pdf, open each page that requires to be signed and save each as individual pdfs.  
  4. And finally, I use pdfunite (on Linux) to merge the signed page to one final copy. 
15 minutes, and a loooong process just to sign the pdf. The reason it takes this much time is because of the 2nd step, and the 5th step. I'm not aware of tools that help you sign pdfs placing your signature at the desired location. Also, I could maybe find a font that looks like handwriting for the date, instead of doing step 2.


Maybe I should've just Googled ways to do this instead of writing a post on it, haha. I haven't written one in a long time. I suppose everyone faces the same problem though when it comes to signing pdfs. Yes, no?


  1. You just opened Pandora's box by telling the Internet about where you keep your signature. Good luck brother dear, good luck.


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