Be on Instagram, ok. But tell me a real story instead.

Why'd I stop posting on Instagram?

Because Instagram stopped being about the lives of people -- the stories aren't about everyday things they do, but just photos of the places they visit, or the food they eat, or the concert they go to, or the relationship they're in, or the dog they own. That's dull.

The mantra: Spend money, show the gram you spent money.

Go to the beach on vacation, ok. But show me your progress on the new sport you're learning instead.
Take a picture of your food, ok. But tell me the funny art piece you saw in the restaurant instead.
Show me your dog, ok. But tell me its everyday peculiarities instead.
Listen to your favorite band live, ok. But tell me why they are your favorite band instead.
Go to America for the first time, ok. But tell me what felt different to you about the country instead.
Bought new clothes, ok. But tell me about that funny interaction with the attendant instead.
Biked to work today, ok. But tell me about that funny numberplate you saw on the way instead.
Danced Bachata for two hours straight, ok. But tell me about the guy you were crushing over for two hours straight instead.

Be on Instagram, ok. But tell me a real story instead.


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