16 Years of Irrelevant Education

Having finally settled into the post-undergrad work life, I realize how irrelevant my education was!
You are hireable only if you add value to your employer. Since humankind is a social animal and most jobs function with constant interaction between people, you should know how to be a resourceful participant in a group and work constructively in a team.

Every job can be thought of as a project. Whether it's construction, plumbing, computer engineering, teaching, or nursing. You start with a common objective and collectively work your way towards a goal. Independent of scale, every job is a project.

Now, a project consists of being able to plan, negotiate, execute under strict deadlines and constantly collaborate with people.

Since the primary role of education is to prepare the student to face the real world once they are out of their parents' protection, why don't we focus enough on working in groups? This is why Kindergarten was the best; the reason pre-school exists is for toddlers to learn how to be around people of their own age group - learn to work in groups by painting and making buildings with toy blocks. As we moved up the grades we are taught to only care of our individual knowledge and grade and the level of interaction with other people reduces. Group projects account for a mere a fifth of your grade while individual grading takes priority. Why?


My younger brother is studying at IIM Indore, doing a 5 year course in management. I absolutely love their course structure and how relevant his education will be to his career. They're in constant time crunch, working on multiple projects at a time, several of which have unachievable deadlines and they have to learn to prioritize and negotiate. And of course these group projects are designed to gain domain and technical knowledge relevant to their field.

Go through the IIM Indore 5 year course structure here.


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