Moo | What do cows think of anyway?

Cows. They spend 23 hours of their day looking fixedly at their surroundings. They're born hard-wired with the very basic necessities of life; they understand they need food(1) to stay strong, reproduce to prevent their species from extinction(2), poop to keep their insides clean(3) and sleep to be able to walk and chew food the next day(4). They have the very basic emotions; fight or flight; they know they can scare flies, and know they must run away from lions and tigers(5). Lastly, they have the super-power to ward of harmless flies with their tails only if they desire to.

Beyond that, they confidently occupy the roads of the nation sitting in the middle, I repeat, the middle of the streets, constructing a reality like ours in an alternative universe by warping time and space under the influence of different dimensions, creating spheres and circles with constants other than Pi, processing thoughts of millions in a parallelized manner, creating models for learning that do not follow the neural network, and create a form of life that is mutually exclusive of what species on Earth consider fundamentals to life-form. At other times they're indexing radiations from outer-space-beings faster than Google.

I'm kidding. But I'm extremely curious to know what cows think all day long, all year long, without giving a dime's heed to the world around them.


(1) they magically know what food to eat and what not to
(2) how any animal knows how to mate makes me very curious; why the urge to keep their species alive makes me even more curious
(3) they're savage; they'll do just anywhere. But how do they know how to use their tails to clean off the remaining grit?
(4) they all know when to sleep; when it becomes dark and they can't see. What happens if you keep this animal in artificial daylight all the time?
(5) they're not afraid of humans who don't carry sticks, and they surprisingly know human traffic will never crash into them and will always make their way around them, yet they're afraid of tigers and lions. What if for the next 100 years humans keep crashing into them -- would they evolve to be scared of human traffic?


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    1. These actually are the real questions isn't it!? Extending the 2nd point:

      Oh man, have I given this one a thought. Even more so, how did anyone actually discover the link between intimacy and child birth. Two events that happen between such a huge time gap, and I'd imagine pretty commonly and frequently too (ah the "good" ol' days ;) ). To make it even more hard to figure out, the failure rate is also pretty darn high.

      To answer the 5th point, Yes. As only the ones not sitting on the road will survive. And all the best trying this experiment in the Modi era ;)

    2. Your comment on the second point is really interesting food for thought! You're absolutely right - huge time gap and high failure rate. Guess that'd have been a whole lot of hit and trial and guessing until it strikes. And then that information magically gets passed down generation to the next. Or, maybe animals don't even know the relation between the two. Maaaaybe.


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