DA in 100 words.

With emails about graduation and yearbooks hitting our beloved Zimbra email, I realize I'm graduating soon. The presswaale of our batch have taken up the responsibility to publish a yearbook with our photos and 50-100 word notes of how the experience was for each one of us.

Here's mine! I spent hours trying to think up a way of coming up with something unique, something that didn't sound like what any other graduate from just another university would say, but that's impossible. So I decided to simply let the words flow. One downside is, that makes my note very generic. Oh well.

There's not a thing I would change if I could relive these years. DA really gave us the experience everyone says you'll have at college - the hostel that never let us sleep before 3am, lectures that demanded minimal work, a huge lecture theatre that allowed us to sleep unnoticed, a football team and a ground I'll remember for life, and friends that I would love to grow old with. The secret to DA's magic is it unknowingly helps you figure yourself out, by letting you be who you are.



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