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AR is the Future

The HoloLens arrived at our office this week, and I've spent about 5 minutes everyday, amusing myself at what the future is going to be like. The possibilities are truly endless - start by watching the video.

You know how a lot of companies exaggerate their product in their demo video, and it ends up being nothing as fancy as what you saw? The HoloLens is exactly what they've shown! The projections you see really do look like they're there! In a very simple demo application, you can choose from a set of holograms, resize them and place them anywhere you like. Honestly, anywhere you see space.
I placed a hip-hopper guy on my table, a miniature Nasa rocket on the entrance to our floor, and the Globe in the center of the room. And everything looks extremely real! You can move around the holograms, go as close as a centimeter to them, and they all look like a part of your world!

This is the future - but it's scary. To the people who aren't a part of the HoloLens beare…

Where Have I Been?

It has been a month since I've posted anything here! Every now and then when I think it is high time I write about something, I remember the enourmous amount of documentation I have to go through. There is lots that has happened in the past month or so, and I wish I had taken out time to blog about each one of them. My marvellous 4 years (now I know that it's actually 3, really - you generally intern at a company in your last semester, and the semester before that you spend looking and worrying about where you'll be put up in the last semester). College was extraordinary. Now that I've started interning, I realise why everyone says they are the best years of their life. Its much harder to meet like minded people - the equally clueless sorts you met when your first joined university. Once you're out of that town full of people like you, it isn't easy to meet people who are willing to share their clueless-ness. (Trust me, everyone is - no one has any idea what t…

Google, don't kill humanity.

There is a strong air of untrust that surrounds Google. Google can't be contacted, other than through automated response channels - whose responses definitely do not pass the Turing test.

Google does not monitor content when you upload your creations to their services; be it YouTube, the playstore, where-ever. How The Google works is, it checks content once the subject gains popularity on its medium. Only once you cross 301 views on YouTube, or a couple thousand downloads on the playstore does Google check for violations. On the playstore, it also does a preliminary automated AI powered copyright check on the app description and content provided by the app, but doesn't get into the app/code. Later, if ever caught, the Google gives you three strikes. Much like an emotionless cyber cop, once you've made a mistake, the mistake sticks with you forever, no matter how well you behave after that.

Imagine a future world where anything you do is monitored by these cyber cops from